Paris hotels are very, very expensive. It is hard to find charm in a decent-sized room. Large rooms in good locations cost a fortune. This hotel provides a decent-sized room, full bath, a quiet evening, good service and breakfast, and in an ideal location. My husband and I stayed at the hotel with friends, and they were equally impressed. We live in NYC/Fort Lee, NJ, and travel frequently. My friends are European (one Spainard, one Turk) who have become American citizens. My husband and I are American. We really have seen and stayed in a lot of places around the world, this Hotel Luxembourg Parc is one we would return to many times. My only quibble is that I could do with one less chair in the room, and a slightly wider tub. But that is, as we say in English, small potatoes. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful stay!

Rieger Nancy

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